We do things differently
Here’s how it works

Find my distributor

If you already have a distributor, you can search for them by name. Or if you are brand new to Herbalife Nutrition, simply select "Introduce me" and you'll be connected to a UK independent distributor.

What happens next?

Either way, you'll be taken to one of our independent distributor's verified online shops, a GoHerbalife website where you can browse our range, buy products or simply save your favourites for later.

How to use?

GoHerbalife works like any other online store. You sign up, you shop. But there's more. As a GoHerbalife customer, you can talk to your distributor directly and get tips and advice on what products would be best suited for you.

What else should I know?

Once you are connected to your distributor, you'll have access to personalised support - from nutrition plans to workout routines. Or even just a word of encouragement. Supporting our customers in achieving their goals is at the heart of everything we do.